Turning Your Home into a Great Staycation

Turning Your Home into a Great Staycation

Staying home does not have to mean that a person is going to have a dull time.  These are some ways to make a staycation fun. A person can turn their home into a luxury hotel and have all of the same pamperings at home. Please see the latest design at Midtown Gardens Guocoland which is a new development at Bugis.

The main place that people sit is on the sofa in the living room. This item should be comfortable. If the sofa is not going to be comfortable to sit on a person should not even get it in the first place. A couch should allow a person to sit and relax. It should be soft and if they have a pullout bed this should be comfortable too.

When staying home a person can have a bedroom that resembles a hotel room. They should set up with the room with plenty of soft pillows, a bed that is comfortable, side tables at each side of the bed, and block out curtains to keep the light out. When decorating the bedroom decorate it in the same way as a hotel room.  A person can go online and get the layouts of a hotel room for inspiration. The bedroom should be a place for relaxing.  After relaxing it is important to have a comfortable bed to get a good night’s sleep.

Another feature of a good hotel is a bathroom that looks like a spa. This can be done at home by adding some small touches. A bamboo towel rack says spa. The basin design in the sink can turn the room into a spa in no time. Eco-friendly soaps and contains can be used as well as a loofah that will give the body a good scrub in the shower. Scented candles can make all the difference in this room. Natural bath salts and bath bombs can be used to make bathing even more relaxing and will help make the skin smooth.  A person will be able to enjoy a night at the spa without leaving their home.

There is nothing that says vacation like a good drink. In the kitchen, a person should have some spirits and drinks to mix them with, fancy glassware, plenty of ice and some bar stools.  If a person has a countertop they can turn this into seating for the bar. This will help make a bar right in the home. Some snacks add to complete the feel. If a person is having guests over and is looking for more than just a cheese platter it is easy to cook up a good pasta dish or paella. They are easy to make and can feed several people. This will turn the home into a hip place to entertain and will make it feel like the best place in town to be.

Some new bars are appearing that are welcoming and desirable. Rooftop bars are popular and so are al fresco dining options. If the home has a balcony a person should make the most out of it and get some use from it.  Get some comfortable furniture to put out there and add some potted plants. This will allow a person to sit back and have some drinks. Instead of going out on a weekend a person can stay home and enjoy the latest trends from their outdoor bar.

Planning a vacation takes a lot of time and hard work. After going on vacation a person may feel like they need a break from all of the stress. They may want to stay home and take a staycation just to recover. A vacation should not be stressful. A person can stay home and make the most out of their house. A staycation can allow them to have a luxury in their own home. A person can even get a free consultation with an interior design company to help them find a look that fits their style and their budget. This will allow a person to have a home that is relaxing and they will not mind staying home.