Month: February 2023

A Second CBD in the Making: The URA’s Vision for Jurong Lake District

Jurong Lake District (JLD) is a new planning area located in the West of Singapore, envisioned by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to transform the western region of Singapore into a lively and vibrant second Central Business District (CBD). This plan comes as Singapore’s current CBD in the historic city centre is already facing capacity constraints and the need to expand its urban fabric.

The URA has a vision to make JLD a major commercial, residential and recreational hub. Beginning in 2021, the URA will embark on a redevelopment of the area, focusing on four key components: Jurong Gateway, Lakeside, Jurong Lake Gardens and Jurong Innovation District. Jurong Gateway is set to become the commercial heart of JLD, with high-rise office buildings and a vibrant street-level retail area. Lakeside will be home to a new waterfront promenade, which will provide a stunning view of the lake and promote leisure activities …

CapitaLand Obtains Approval to Develop JCUBE Condo Residence in Singapore

Singapore-based CapitaLand Development (CLD) has secured provisional approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to redevelop the JCube site in Jurong East for a 40-storey residential and commercial development. The new project, dubbed JCube Residence, is slated for completion in 2027 and is expected to launch for sale in the second half of 2023.

The move follows a decade of providing leisure and edutainment at the JCube location and will make way for a mixed-use development that includes commercial space on the first and second storeys. The units are estimated to have a S$2,000 to S$2,100 per square foot price tag, and will be connected to the Jurong East MRT interchange, Westgate and IMM Building via the J-Walk, a covered elevated pedestrian network in the Jurong Lake District (JLD).

The redevelopment of JCube for JCube Residence complements the Singapore government’s plans to add new businesses, recreational facilities and amenities to …

JCube Condo: Bringing New Homes, Businesses, and Amenities to Jurong East

Jurong East, a bustling part of Singapore, is getting a much-needed upgrade in the form of JCube, a new condominium development offering residential and commercial units, as well as a range of amenities. Located in the heart of Jurong East, JCube is the perfect combination of convenience and luxury, providing residents with easy access to a variety of amenities and services.

JCube is the newest condo development to come to the area, offering a variety of 1-4 bedroom residential units in the form of apartments, townhouses, and duplexes. Each unit is designed with modern, luxurious amenities and finishes, making them perfect for any lifestyle. JCube also offers commercial units, which are ideal for businesses looking for a convenient and modern workplace.

JCube is conveniently located near a variety of amenities, from shopping and dining to entertainment and leisure activities. Residents can easily access nearby malls, such as JCube, Westgate and …

Experience the Prestige and Convenience of Living at The Myst Condo Area

Living at The Myst Condo area is a prestige and convenient experience. The Myst Condo area is situated in a prime location in the heart of the city and is within walking distance from all the major attractions in the city. The area boasts of well-maintained roads, ample parking, and good public transportation. The Myst Condo area also offers a variety of amenities, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, and Jacuzzi hot tubs.

The Myst Condo area is an excellent place to live for those who want a relaxing and comfortable lifestyle. The buildings are well-maintained and feature modern designs that make it an attractive area to live. The condos are spacious and offer plenty of space for residents to spread out and enjoy the city. The common areas are also well-furnished and offer plenty of seating for gatherings and events. Residents have access to a variety of activities such …