Tengah Plantation Close EC: The Building With Low-Flow Fixtures, Water-Efficient Landscaping, Solar Energy, and Reduced Waste

Tengah Plantation Close EC: The Building With Low-Flow Fixtures, Water-Efficient Landscaping, Solar Energy, and Reduced Waste

Located in the heart of Tengah, Tengah Plantation EC is a green development that is designed to be energy-efficient and reduce its environmental footprint. Its green features include the building’s envelope which is designed to optimize thermal insulation, helping to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, the HVAC system is enhanced with a heat pump technology which helps to minimize its energy use. Moreover, energy-efficient appliances are used to further reduce electricity consumption.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC boasts several green and sustainable characteristics that set it apart from many other ECs. The building has been cleverly designed to allow for maximum natural light and ventilation through the incorporation of sky gardens and sky courts, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, the EC is equipped with low-flow fixtures and water-efficient landscaping in its common areas to further conserve resources. It also features a photovoltaic array to capture solar energy and reduce energy consumption. This is complemented by a waste management system aimed at reducing waste sent to landfills, ultimately providing enhanced living conditions for its occupants.
Furthermore, the building has been built with energy-efficient materials and appliances, which help to reduce energy bills.

The Tengah EC has been designed to encourage green living and education. Classrooms and green areas that emphasize learning and education about sustainability and green living have been incorporated into the structure of the building. Further eco-friendly features have been added to the building, including a green roof and walls, providing additional green spaces for occupants. Energy efficiency has also been taken into consideration, with the use of energy-efficient materials and appliances, thus helping to reduce energy costs.

Jurong is a prime site for redevelopment, given its strategic location, accessibility and growth potential. Situated near the core of Singapore and the Central Business District, it is an excellent locale for business and economic pursuits. With its access to the MRT and other public transport, Jurong is set to be a regional hotspot. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has identified the area as a key area for transformation.

Plantation Close Parcel A GLS has been constructed with energy-efficient materials, plus the inclusion of green technology such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting. This assists with bringing down the amount of energy utilized for cooling and heating, while likewise providing a renewable source of energy for the development. Smart home technology is another facet of the development, which enables residents to be in control of their lighting, temperature, and security via their smartphones.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is endeavouring to offer residents in the vicinity of Tengah Plantation EC in Jurong a wider selection of housing options. This will include the development of more economical choices, as well as the erection of new public housing projects, to provide more choices for prospective residents.

Residents of Tengah Plantation Close EC can expect luxury features such as designer kitchens with marble flooring and top-of-the-line appliances. In addition, they can make use of the private garden, private balconies, and the car park with direct access to the development. All of these features are designed to provide an utmost living experience.

The Singapore property market has taken an important step forward with the launch of the new Tengah Plantation Close EC. This development features a range of amenities and facilities, and is likely to play a significant role in the growth of Tengah Town. For potential buyers and investors, this presents an opportunity to benefit from Singapore’s high demand for property, offering potential for capital appreciation and rental yield.
Additionally, they can utilize the hiLife app to book facilities, pay upkeep, give feedback to management, receive news and notices, or monitor their home remotely. All in all, Tengah Plantation Close EC offers residents an array of smart features for their convenience. From energy-efficient aircon systems to voice control of appliances, and the hiLife app to monitor their home, residents can enjoy the benefits of a smart home.

The URA is optimistic that, with the right resources and backing, it can effectively transform Jurong into a regional hub. Such a venture is no small task and will require significant financing and effort, yet its potential is immense. Not only would it open up new prospects for businesses and inhabitants, it could likewise make Singapore an even more attractive and lively city.

Tengah Plantation Close EC, a family-oriented executive condominium, is situated in the western side of Singapore. It provides an idyllic home for families who are in search of a tranquil environment, surrounded by lush greenery. The development is fitted with various facilities and amenities to meet the needs of the family as a whole.

As Singapore advances, the need for green and sustainable features in fresh housing projects is growing in urgency. In response, the Tengah Plantation Close EC has emerged as a testament to the government’s commitment to creating green and sustainable properties. This latest housing development showcases the potential for environmentally-friendly residences in Singapore.

Residents at the upcoming Tengah Plantation Parcel A Close EC development will be able to enjoy a range of facilities and amenities. These include an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a clubhouse, a playground, as well as a selection of retail and dining options. Furthermore, the development will be connected to the MRT station at Tengah Town, enabling easy access to public transportation.

Tengah Plantation Close EC GLS is equipped with a modern, state-of-the-art fitness centre featuring the latest fitness equipment and various exercise routines. Residents also have access to a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and spa, as well as a selection of outdoor recreational activities. To top it off, there is an array of retail and dining choices such as a supermarket, cafes and restaurants.

The unveiling of the Tengah Plantation Close EC marks a major step forward in the Singapore property market. A joint venture between the Singapore Government and the Oxley Holdings real estate developer, this project is set to be the largest executive condominium in the nation and is projected to be completed by 2021. This exciting new development is located in the Tengah Town area and is sure to make a significant impact on the landscape.
Residents of Tengah Plantation Close EC can enjoy an array of amenities, including a clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, and playgrounds. The development also has a vibrant retail component, with shops, restaurants, and a food court on the ground floor. The area is well connected to other parts of Singapore via a number of public transport options, including the MRT and bus systems. Tengah Plantation Close EC is an ideal place for young professionals and families to call home.

Tengah Plantation Close EC is an exquisite new executive condominium nestled in Singapore’s western region. It is thoughtfully designed with modern and eco-friendly living in mind, boasting a range of smart home technology, energy-saving appliances and environmentally conscious building materials. Residents can indulge in a plethora of amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, and playgrounds. This development is also peppered with an array of retail options on the ground floor featuring shops, eateries and a food court. The area is well connected to other parts of Singapore via a reliable network of public transportation, such as the MRT and bus systems. With all its cutting-edge features and convenience, Tengah Plantation Close EC is a great choice for young professionals and families looking for a home.

The implementation of a smart parking system in the condominium offers a great convenience to its residents, allowing them to quickly and easily locate and reserve parking spots. This eliminates the need for tedious searching for parking and permits occupants to focus on their tasks for the day.

The new Tengah Plantation Close EC Parcel A GLS project is set to showcase 1,715 executive condominium units, making it the biggest EC development in Singapore. Located in the center of Tengah Town, the EC units will span from one-bedroom to five-bedroom apartments, designed to bring a luxurious and comfortable living experience to its inhabitants. The project is slated for completion in 2021.

Tengah Plantation Close EC offers its inhabitants a luxurious and sustainable living environment, incorporating modern and eco-friendly features. Featuring energy-efficient materials and incorporating green technology, this development is ideal for those looking for a modern living space with an environmentally-friendly vibe.

Tengah Plantation Close EC GLS is an opulent executive condominium located in the midst of Singapore, providing its occupants with the premier in modern luxurious living. The property comes with an array of features and services, tailored to bring an exclusive lifestyle experience.

Residents of Tengah Plantation Close Executive Condominium can also enjoy a visit to the nearby Jurong East Shopping Mall. This mall, located close to Plantation Close Parcel A, is full of retail outlets, restaurants and a cinema. Other attractions nearby include the Jurong Bird Park, the Science Centre and the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, all of which are worth a visit.

Situated within the Tengah Forest Town, the Tengah Plantation Close EC is surrounded by the greenery of the nature reserve. Residents of the EC can also enjoy the nearby public amenities such as the Tengah Park, fitness corner and the Tengah Pavilion.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC is developed and managed by the renowned MCL Land, so residents of the EC can expect to experience quality living with features and amenities designed for the modern family. This EC also offers a wide range of unit types to accommodate different lifestyles.

As part of the Forest Town plan, the Tengah Plantation Close EC is surrounded by lush green spaces that provide residents with a tranquil environment. This includes a series of parks and green linkways. Tengah Forest Town is also home to a variety of recreational facilities such as a swimming pool, sports and fitness centres, and even a pet-friendly area.

Overall, the Tengah Plantation Close EC is the perfect choice for those who work in the CBD and want to enjoy the convenience of living in the city, while still enjoying the peacefulness and serenity of nature. With easy access to transportation networks, plus all the amenities of Forest Town, residents of the Tengah Plantation Close EC can enjoy the conveniences of city living while taking in the beauty of nature.

Tengah Plantation Close EC is a newly built executive condominium which is situated in the midst of Tengah, Singapore. It boasts of multiple hi-tech residential facilities that render it distinct from other residential apartments in the locality. Such include a digital gate for enhanced security, energy-efficient equipment, a smart home system for controlling devices and appliances, and a smart parking system.

Living and shopping at Tengah Plantation Close EC is made even better due to the numerous shopping centres in the area. From apparel and groceries to entertainment, the shopping centres here are extremely popular and offer a wide range of items to suit all types of needs. With so many choices, one can be certain to find something they like at one of these nearby shopping centers. No matter what you’re searching for, these shopping centres near Tengah Plantation Close EC have got you covered.

The residents of Tengah Plantation Close EC can easily access the Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub, which offers them easy access to the Jurong East MRT station, multiple bus services and the upcoming Jurong Region Line. In addition, the hub also boasts of amenities such as shopping and dining outlets.

Potential buyers and investors can anticipate the rewards of investing in the new Tengah Plantation Close EC development, which promises a great investment opportunity. With the projected completion date of 2021, buyers are sure to benefit from the high demand for property in Singapore and gain from the chance of capital growth and rental yield.

Residents of the Tengah Plantation Close Parcel A EC can easily explore the rest of Singapore with the range of transport options and attractions available in the immediate area. Situated in a prime location, the EC ensures great connectivity to other parts of the island. This makes it an ideal spot to live in for those who want the convenience of easy access to leisure activities or for work purposes. Tengah Plantation Close EC is the perfect place to call home and take advantage of all that Singapore has to offer.
The Tengah Plantation Close EC comprises 299 residential units, and each unit is designed to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The development is also equipped with green amenities to provide residents with access to more sustainable living options.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC brings a unique approach to executive condominium living in Singapore. Built on the principles of sustainability, this new development is crafted with the environment in mind. Featuring 299 residential units, each unit has been designed with energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness at its core. Additionally, the project is outfitted with green amenities to support a more sustainable lifestyle for its inhabitants. Located in the western part of Singapore, the Tengah Plantation Close EC offers a highly sought-after living solution in this part of the city.

Parcel A of Tengah Plantation presents a wealth of lifestyle amenities, featuring a store, food court, and childcare centre. Furthermore, a shuttle bus provides convenient transportation through the entire development.
By implementing eco-friendly appliances, the condo will be able to conserve energy and reduce their environmental impact.

The energy-efficient appliances at Tengah Plantation Close EC are designed to decrease energy consumption and consumption of resources such as water. This is to help lessen the total expenses of utilities, as well as the carbon footprint of the condominium. With the inclusion of eco-friendly appliances, the condo can save energy and diminish their environmental impact.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC smart home system provides a convenient and efficient living experience for its condominium residents. It enables them to control multiple devices and appliances from the comfort of their own mobile device or by simply using voice commands. This cutting-edge technology brings comfort and modernity to their homes.

Situated in the western region of Singapore, the relatively lesser-known Tengah Town is set to become a modern, upcoming town with the introduction of the Tengah Plantation Close EC. This development is poised to be a major stimulus to the town’s growth, bringing with it an array of amenities and facilities sure to draw in potential buyers and investors.

Woodlands Mart, located just a stone’s throw away from Plantation Close Parcel A EC, is the perfect destination for those looking for a great shopping experience. Boasting a plethora of retail stores and restaurants, the mall also offers a food court, supermarket, department store, and even a cinema. Not to mention, there are also plenty of entertainment options such as an arcade and a bowling alley for visitors to enjoy.

Tengah Plantation Close EC is in close proximity to some of the top shopping centres in the area. Residents living near the EC have easy access to the numerous retail outlets, where a diverse range of products and services can be found. The malls offer a great selection of clothing, electronics, groceries, and other items, allowing shoppers to find exactly what they need in one convenient location. Furthermore, the malls boast a variety of dining and entertainment choices, so visitors can enjoy a full day of shopping and entertainment. There is something for everyone at the shopping malls near Tengah Plantation Close EC.
In addition, it has a wide selection of recreational activities for families and kids, such as an indoor play area and a bowling alley. IMM also has a range of services, such as a post office and a bank. All in all, IMM is an ideal destination to enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Situated a few minutes away from Tengah Plantation EC, IMM is the fourth shopping centre in the vicinity. This mall offers a wide variety of retail shops, ranging from fashion boutiques to convenience stores. Numerous restaurants are also available, serving a variety of cuisines as well as a food court. As for entertainment, this mall has a cinema, an arcade, and various recreational activities that are suitable for both families and children, like an indoor play area and a bowling alley. IMM also provides services such as a post office and a bank. All these features make IMM a great destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Parcel A of Plantation Close boasts a selection of eco-friendly amenities including vertical gardens, green walls, and green roofs. All of these elements contribute to reducing the impacts of the urban heat island effect and also provide a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for inhabitants. In addition, residents can make use of green spaces such as a community garden and jogging tracks so they can stay active and enjoy some fresh air.
This will help to reduce the amount of carbon emissions in the area. Finally, the Tengah EC has been designed to link people to nature, by providing green spaces and a connection to the surrounding landscaping. This will help to promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for the residents.

The Tengah EC has been created with the aim of encouraging green living. Utilising green materials, the design of the building encompasses green features such as green roofs and walls. Additionally, walking, cycling and utilising public transport are encouraged as opposed to private vehicles in order to diminish the levels of carbon emissions in the vicinity. Furthermore, the Tengah EC has been designed to fuse people with nature, creating green spaces and a link with the landscape. This will lead to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for those who live there.

The URA is determined to turn Jurong into a regional hub, and has set out plans to make this a reality. To create a vibrant setting, the URA is constructing a waterfront promenade and new public spaces with a variety of entertainment and leisure activities. Moreover, fresh parks, green spaces and waterfront activities will be added to the area in order to make it more attractive to both locals and tourists.

In order to accommodate the increased activity and population in Jurong, the URA has proposed to build upon existing infrastructure as well as introducing new infrastructure. This includes the construction of new roads, public transport links, and other public amenities such as schools, hospitals and parks. Additionally, the URA also plans to revitalize existing industrial and commercial buildings to provide more facilities for businesses and leisure.
This allows the building to be more efficient and reduce energy and air pollution.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC is an efficient, eco-friendly structure. Constructed with green materials, the building is designed to conserve energy and minimize air pollution. The materials utilized for the construction are sustainable and recyclable, while a system of sensors monitors energy consumption and air quality. As a result, energy consumption and air pollution are significantly reduced, making the building more efficient and eco-friendly.

Situated in a prime location, the Tengah Plantation Close Executive Condominium (EC) is conveniently near numerous expressways, such as the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), and the Kranji Expressway (KJE). This makes it easy for residents to quickly get around the island. Additionally, the nearby Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) gives easy access to the Central Business District, Airport, and East Coast.

The Tengah EC exemplifies the government’s dedication to green and sustainable living. Through its adoption of green and sustainable features, the Tengah EC serves as a prime example of how the government is working to provide modern, eco-friendly housing solutions. This commitment to promoting the environmental consciousness of Singaporeans is a positive step forward for the nation. With its commitment to creating green and sustainable housing developments, the Tengah EC stands as an exemplary model for other housing projects in Singapore.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC is situated in a highly convenient location, with easy access to multiple forms of public transport. The nearby Bukit Batok Interchange provides access to various parts of the city, while the nearby Bukit Timah Bus Interchange offers access to the East Coast. In addition, the Tengah Plantation Close EC is well served by bus services, with the 166 and 990 being some of the routes that pass through the area. This ensures that residents here have ample transport options to make their journey easier.

The Plantation Close Parcel A development has a variety of environmentally-friendly features, such as energy-saving lighting, water-saving fixtures, and green roofs. By incorporating these features, the development’s carbon footprint is reduced, thus helping families do their part in protecting the environment.

Residents of Tengah Plantation Close EC can enjoy the luxurious amenities that the development has to offer. From the large swimming pool to the fully equipped gymnasium, clubhouse, multi-purpose room, BBQ pits and playground, one can take pleasure in the leisure and relaxation these facilities bring, surrounded by the lush greenery of the plantation.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has launched an initiative to transform Jurong into a regional hub. This project will bring major changes to the area, offering new opportunities for businesses, Tengah Plantation EC residents, and visitors alike. The development is set to occur on an expansive scale, providing remarkable benefits for all concerned.

The attractive features of Tengah Plantation Close EC, when it comes to smart living, make it an appealing pick for those on the hunt for a cozy and protected living space. Smart amenities such as 24-hour security surveillance, residential concierge, and smart keyless entry are all part of the alluring package that Tengah Plantation Close EC offers. In addition, its convenient location in the West Singapore makes travelling to West Coast, Clementi, and Jurong industrial estates a breeze. With all these advantages, Tengah Plantation Close EC is the smart living residence of choice.

For the younger ones, Plantation Close Parcel A EC has a dedicated children’s pool and playground, so they can have a wonderful time in the sun. Plus, there’s also a clubhouse and swimming pool, giving families a chance to spend quality time together. For those looking to shop and dine, this EC has plenty of retail outlets and food courts available. All in all, Plantation Close Parcel A EC provides the perfect environment for families to relax and have some fun.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC development is anticipated to be a key trigger for the growth and progress of Tengah Town. With the unveiling of the new EC development, the town is predicted to witness a surge in demand for property, alongside a variety of services and amenities. This furnishes potential buyers and investors with a great opening to capitalize on the potential for capital growth and rental income.
West Mall also has an outdoor park and playground for kids to enjoy. For those looking for a place to relax, there is a spa and a gym. There are also banks, clinics, and a childcare centre in the mall, making it a great place for families. West Mall is the perfect place to shop, eat, and have fun. Located a few minutes away from Tengah Plantation Close EC, West Mall has something for everyone. From retail stores to restaurants to entertainment and relaxation options, West Mall is a one-stop destination for all your shopping, dining, and entertainment needs.

Residents of the Tengah Plantation Close EC can take advantage of the great transportation network of the MRT too, with the nearby Bukit Batok, Jurong East, and Clementi Station offering access to the North-South Line, East-West Line, and Downtown Line, with Jurong East MRT station connecting to the western parts of Singapore via the Circle Line.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is taking on the challenge of transforming the Tengah Plantation EC region in proximity to Jurong into a regional hub. This transformation aims to feature residential development, commercial establishments, recreational grounds, job opportunities, and the attraction of new industries.

Tengah Plantation Close EC is the perfect spot for those who desire a luxurious lifestyle, boasting a host of amenities and facilities. Residents can savor the benefits of living in a sound and fully-equipped development, enjoying the peace of mind and comfort it provides.
The system is designed to make sure that only residents and authorised personnel can access the premises, eliminating the risks of unauthorised individuals trespassing or attempting to gain access to the premises.

The digital gate at Tengah Plantation EC is outfitted with facial recognition technology, designed to guarantee the safety and security of the condominium’s residents and their property. The system is in place to ensure only authorised individuals may enter the premises, thus preventing unauthorised persons from attempting to gain access. This technology provides assurance that the property and its residents are protected from unwelcome intrusions.
There are also several cinemas, a karaoke centre, and a bowling alley. The mall is well-maintained and a great place to spend some time shopping or simply hanging out with friends. It is a great place for locals and tourists alike to get their shopping fix in the area.
Finally, the building has been constructed with recycled materials, and it has been designed to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the development.

Second, the Tengah Plantation Close EC has been designed with energy-saving features in mind. Energy-efficient appliances, materials, and fixtures have been utilized in its construction to maximize energy efficiency. Furthermore, water-efficient fittings help to reduce water consumption. Additionally, the building has been constructed using recycled materials, thereby reducing its overall carbon footprint.
For visitors looking for a relaxing break, there’s a spa and even a gym inside the mall. Jurong Point is a great destination to go to for locals and visitors alike. With its convenient location and wide-ranging offerings, there’s something to satisfy shoppers of all ages.