Tengah EC Green Homes Launching Soon at Tengah Town

Tengah EC Green Homes Launching Soon at Tengah Town

Tengah EC Green Homes Launching Soon at Tengah Town

Tengah EC is an emerging upcoming smart and sustainable town in Jurong Region ofapore. This futuristic planned smart and sustainable town is a strategic development concept that has been designed for the long-term sustainable development of the Bukit Batok area town area. The concept is a complete eco-smart city concept that proposes a master planned community encompassing public open spaces, parks, business complexes and residential zones. Tengah EC development has been approved by the Singapore government as an authentic community with unique characteristics. Tengah EC main attractions are its scenic setting, recreational activities and the natural setting. In this article we will be discussing Tengah Environmental City and how it can become an economic, social and environmental success in Singapore.

Tengah EC is a planned smart and sustainable town that lies on the Lim Tang Wan Complex in the outer metropolitan region of Singapore. Tengah EC is the ideal place for people who want to live a lifestyle that is environmentally and socially friendly. Tengah EC ‘s Garden district is one of the prime locations in the whole of Singapore and the natural features and scenic panoramas of the district make it so unique and beautiful. The strategic planning of Tengah EC ‘s development is a complete green belt eco-smart community and the entire project is designed to bring benefits to the citizens of the community.

Majority of the residents of Tengah EC ‘s town community are from the low income group and the environment and the harmony of the surrounding environment has made it a very peaceful environment to live. There are also many nature reserves and parks around the town community. Tengah EC residents and the visitors can enjoy the green features and beauty of the environment without worrying about the harming or unwanted impact on the nature. The residents are allowed to take part in various activities through sports and physical exercise while the residents and visitors can also participate in various green activities like biking, walking, hiking, rafting, camping, fishing etc.

Guocoland Golf and Spa Resort is another green feature located in Tengah. The construction of this resort on the nature reserve was done in a very innovative and progressive way. Tengah EC resort offers a wide variety of services like golf, spa and meeting facilities for the members of the resort community. You will feel like you are in your own country enjoying the services of a professional golf course. There are midtown community located near the resort area that is very close to the attractions of Tengah.

Tengah EC is surrounded by many luxurious resorts and hotels like the Silver Sands Hotel, Tengah International Airport, Midtown Suites and the Guocoland Golf and Spa Resort. There are a total of about 22 luxury hotels including the Silver Sands Hotel which offers a great environment for leisure and relaxation. This hotel is located at the hub of the resort area and offers the best amenities to the tourists and visitors. Tengah is also known as ‘the city of malls’ because there are many malls located here including the popular shopping and entertainment centres like the Westgate Shopping Centre, Tengah Grand Mall, Tengah Central Shopping Centre, Midtown Suites and the Tengah Beach Road.

Tengah EC also offers a lot of recreational facilities for its visitors. This place is well connected with many cities in the state like Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Melbourne. It is also connected with the North East coast, which is one of the most popular places for offshore holiday. Tengah offers a good range of accommodation options for all budgets.

Tengah EC offers a lot of recreational activities for the people of all age groups. This city has midtown suites, which are perfect for honeymooners and newly wedded couples. There are also plenty of recreational options such as the green parks and green features, nature reserves and golf courses. Tengah green park is one of the best and most visited tourist attraction around the town. The park offers a lot of green features, trees, grassland, tropical gardens, and other green features that can make the visitors experience the natural beauty of this place.

The Tengah Eco-Cabins offer luxurious accommodation facility to their guests. Most of these hotels offer a comfortable and healthy environment to their guests. These two cabins are located at the remote sites and provide the best facilities to their guests. The Tengah Eco-Cabin is considered as one of the greenest hotels in the world.