Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings

Why the Midwood
Condominium is the best choice you’ll ever make.

In a peaceful and tranquil environment lies the Midwood condominium. Waking up in this new development, you can smell the invigorating morning breeze. This development can be found in the quiet neighborhood of Hillview just 300 meters from Hillview MRT station. Midwood Hillview street with vegetation it is blessed with promises and extraordinary living experience.
What makes Midwood

It is very close to malls.

The Midwood condominium is strategically developed around many malls located within the area. Those malls are
hillV2 shopping center, The Rail Mall, and Hillion.

It is strategically close to transport centers.

What makes a good area is the ability to transport yourself anywhere from that area. The Midwood Hillview Rise is not an exception to that quality. Also, for owners who’re taking buses, there are several buses to be had alongside Hillview rise, Hillview avenue and Dairy Farm road. For proprietors who are traveling to the city, The Midwood apartment is located properly after top Bukit Tima avenue.

The Midwood Condo at Hillview MRT Station by Hong Leong Holdings near to Hillview MRT Station

It is located close to numerous schools

The Midwood Singapore is likewise close to elite colleges which include CHIJ (Our woman Queen of Peace), Saint Francis Methodist school, and German European college
Singapore (GESS).

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings
Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings

Our Facilities

The Midwood condominium is equipped to give you and your family the satisfaction you deserve. Its facilities make it a paradise within a paradise.

Midwood Condominium Facilities includes:
An indoor fitness center.
A 50-meter pool
Private Dining Pavilion
Tennis courts
Kid’s Pool
Community Lawn
Childcare Centre
Event Rooms
Barbeque pits
Any many more….

The site plan.

From the site plan, it is not a hidden fact that the Midwood condominium is well equipped with amenities to satisfy anybody. There is a full-size swimming pool that offers swimming lessons so that the residents of Midwood condominium can learn and relax as well. The Midwood condominium also consists of large rooms that will be beneficial to families with kids. This is because children’s events like birthdays and parties can be carried out in the comfort of their respective homes.

Midtown Hong Leong includes BBQ pits as well as well-ventilated gymnasiums and children playground.

A top view of the Midwood – floor plan.
The Midwood condominium has over 560 resident units and a crèche. It is a 29-storey high-rise building located opposite two towers. The unit sizes are between 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom.
The design of every unit is constructed to present the best views of whatever time of day and at the same time allows abundant natural light and ventilation.
Midwood Sample flat
The Midwood sample flat or show flat is a property designed to give buyers a glimpse of the Midwood. Those who will buy the Midwood show flat, will have a design template for the property as it will exotically be renovated. The Midwood showflat will be equipped with furniture as well. For example, couches and diners will be arranged at the showflat to give buyers a mental picture of on space they can occupy to make sure space would be enough for the family. Midtown Showflat will likewise include fittings that accompany the real unit, for example, flooring, kitchen cupboards, room closets just as well as some of the essential electrical appliances, for example, a refrigerator. Midtown Showflat will have wallpaper likewise lightings that don’t accompany the real unit, for example, crystal fixtures and Smart Security.

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings
Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings


The Midtown Showflat will accompany various designs and furnishings so buyers can choose which designer’s furnishings They prefer. The show flat will portray the various facings that Midtown Hong Leong will have so buyers will decide what they are settling for.

The developers of the Midwood condominium.

The developers of the Midwood condominium are the Hong Leong group.

Hong Leong Group being one of Asia’s largest and most successful conglomerates is a global organization which is situated in Singapore. Being a worldwide organization it serves Singapore, Middle East, and North America. It is one of the real estate developers in Singapore. To date, it is one of the biggest organizations in Singapore by aggregated gross assets which are now worth more than $40 billion. As a partnership, the organization possesses industrial space, retail and residential space in which they do their day by day businesses.

The investment activities in which Hong Leong Group involved are as follows; Their most recent undertaking is The Midwood Condo at Hillview Rise close to Hillview MRT Station.

Hong Leong Group Real Estate Developer in Singapore

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings
Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings

Back in the days, the group recognized this business opportunity even before the public authority started its real estate programs. In the event of identifying the chance unity, it went on and purchased shares from City Developments Limited which was then running a loss. This organization was changed until later it turned into an enormous property, particularly in the stock exchange market. Hong Leong Groups at present claim more than 8 million square feet on which offices are built.

Hong long group hotels.

Hong Leong group hotels take into account people’s requirements.

From its modest beginnings the development and activity of the Kings Hotel in Singapore, the group is the main proprietor of the biggest hotels in Singapore today. The organization has developed because it currently owns more than 150 hotels in more than 20 countries around the world.

Today, Hong Leong Finance Limited is Singapore’s biggest financial organization. It has more than 28 networked branches from which potential clients can get loans, put make deposits and reserve funds. This group is additionally associated with offering assistance to different organizations. Their objective is to assist little and medium organizations in
extending their business abroad.

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings
Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings

Hong Leong Group’s big expansion.

The Hong Leong group started as suppliers of building materials before going into the business of real estate development. They did business in China and after realizing that a high percentage of their customers are in other countries, they decided to expand.
This organization has without a doubt beaten an achievement. From its small beginning to being a worldwide organization serving various mainlands.

Today, Hong Leong Asia Ltd is involved with Manufacturing and distributing diesel Engines, Manufacturing and distributing air –conditioning systems and manufacturing industrial packaging products.

Hillview Avenue Real
Estate Neighborhood
The midwood condominium can be found in the most sought after real estate neighborhood in Singapore -Hillview avenue. The Midwood condominium can be found in the most sought-after real estate neighborhood in Singapore -Hillview avenue. It has been the most desired area to live in as it is located close to Bukit Timah just as Bukit Batok where natures essence is experienced

Retail outlets and Amenities at Hillview Avenue

Hillview avenue like many affluent neighborhoods has excellent. The most important will be the iconic hillV2 that joins accommodations, like, store to stylish bars for the wealthy people to assemble after their work. Hillview Avenue, however, is an ideal area as residents don’t need to go out of sight gather for drinks or groceries.

HillV2 Shopping Center Shopping Center

hillV2 Shopping Center is situated right close to Hillview MRT Station in the tranquil neighborhood of Hillview Rise. hillV2 Shopping Center is the main shopping mall for the residents living around the Hillview area and offers a unique retail experience for the people living around the area. hillV2 Shopping Center offers a select dining experience just as grocery shopping joined under the 2 degrees of the retail podium that offer elite bars and design outlets.

hillV2 Shopping Center
Hillview MRT Station

hillV2 Shopping Center includes a fitness center as well as beauty spas for residents to relax after their day’s work. The spas and fitness centers serve to complete the one-stop complete shopping experience found right in the core of Hillview. hillV2 Shopping Center is easily available through Bukit Timah Road as well as Hillview MRT Station. It is situated close to a large number of the new private condominium advancements inside the area.

The Rail Mall Shopping Center at Hillview Avenue

The Rail Mall joins elegance with a bit of classic contemporary setting which comprises of top-notch food just as different signature bars and restaurants for residents around the
Hillview zone.

The Rail Mall is a shopping center in the Hillview District close to Hillview Avenue and Hillview Rise. It can be accessed through the Hillview MRT Station. Car parking is free at The Rail Mall and subsequently, this makes it quite possibly the most advantageous spots to find your companions for occupants of The Midwood around the Hillview area. The Rail Mall is the perfect place to yield to your sense and relax. These shopping centers provide lifestyle shops, quaint cafes, organic food stores and more.

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings
Midwood Condo Located at Hillview MRT Station Near to Hong Leong Holdings

Dining at The Rail Mall

Anchor tenants are established at the Rail Mall. This makes getting meals more convenient. Cold Storage Supermarket just as Subway and Cedele. The Rail Mall often organize promotions to benefit the residents of Hillview zone, for example, 1 for 1 at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf just as a discount at a lot of restaurants at Rail Mall

Bukit Timah Nature

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of the prides of Singapore. It is a wide life center and is the ideal spot for an end of the week leisure time with your family.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve presents the ideal spot for nature enthusiasts who are searching for relaxing outdoor activities

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is likewise a top choice for hiking lovers as it presents Lentor Mansion many levels of trails.
The Midwood near Country Clubs

It is no secret that affluent and successful people love to be in the company of like minds. They build their contacts with quality people regularly.

Some of the country clubs that are close by The Midwood Hillview include Warren Golf and Country Club, Temasek Club, The British Club, Swiss Club Singapore, The Singapore Island Country Club, and Hollandse Club. These clubs are only a short drive away from The Midwood Hillview Rise through Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Road just as Pan Island Expressway (PIE) making it an ideal spot to assemble after their work.
The Midwood Close to Schools and Education

Perhaps the most important thing in real estate is to discover developments that are close to schools and instructive foundations.

Parents incline toward living in a neighborhood where the top schools are found. At the point when the top schools are within walking distance from the home, parents love it. Parents particularly appreciate just being a couple of moments from a top school.

The Midwood Condo is located near to many of the schools in Hillview Avenue, Bukit Batok as well as the Bukit Timah area. Some of the schools include

Chua Chu Kang Primary School
South View Primary School
Swiss School in Singapore
Dazhong Primary School and Dulwich College
Chua Chu Kang Secondary
GESS Campus
St Francis Methodist School
Teck Whye Secondary School
Zhenghua Secondary School
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

The Midwood Sanctuary Located at The Perfect

Comfortable and luxurious, retreat into a world
of downplayed elegance.

An insightfully planned layout that promises a spacious inside loaded up with designer fittings and in-built smart home arrangements that make dealing with one’s smart home environment, from security to living comfort, easy. A wide assortment of keen developments might be further incorporated to accommodate your way of life.

A splendid and unique lifestyle awaits you at The Midwood. Why don’t you come and find out?