A Second CBD in the Making: The URA’s Vision for Jurong Lake District

A Second CBD in the Making: The URA’s Vision for Jurong Lake District

Jurong Lake District (JLD) is a new planning area located in the West of Singapore, envisioned by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to transform the western region of Singapore into a lively and vibrant second Central Business District (CBD). This plan comes as Singapore’s current CBD in the historic city centre is already facing capacity constraints and the need to expand its urban fabric.

The URA has a vision to make JLD a major commercial, residential and recreational hub. Beginning in 2021, the URA will embark on a redevelopment of the area, focusing on four key components: Jurong Gateway, Lakeside, Jurong Lake Gardens and Jurong Innovation District. Jurong Gateway is set to become the commercial heart of JLD, with high-rise office buildings and a vibrant street-level retail area. Lakeside will be home to a new waterfront promenade, which will provide a stunning view of the lake and promote leisure activities and water sports. Jurong Lake Gardens will be a scenic park with a lake-side terrace and a wetlands park, while Jurong Innovation District will provide a space for research, development and innovation activities.

The URA has also planned for the creation of a new transport infrastructure to support the development of JLD. The Jurong Region Line (JRL), expected to be completed by 2026, will be an underground rail network connecting JLD to other parts of Singapore. Additionally, the new Cross Island Line (CRL) will pass through JLD and further enhance the accessibility of the area.

The JLD project is expected to be completed by 2030, and it is expected to contribute significantly to Singapore’s economy and provide employment opportunities for citizens. With its strategic location and excellent infrastructure, JLD is set to become the second CBD in Singapore and become a bustling commercial and residential hub.

Jurong Lake District is a district located in the western part of Singapore and is envisioned to become the second Central Business District of Singapore. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has plans to transform this district into a vibrant centre of business, leisure, and entertainment activities. The URA’s vision for Jurong Lake District seeks to create a vibrant business and leisure hub that will be a major attraction for people from all walks of life.

The URA has planned a number of projects and initiatives to bring the vision to life. The Jurong Lake District Master Plan seeks Bukit Batok EC to create a vibrant, liveable, and sustainable district that will be a place of opportunity and choice for the people of Singapore. The development plan includes plans for a new business hub, an integrated transport system, improved public spaces, and a new waterfront park. The new business hub will provide office, retail, and leisure facilities. The integrated transport system will provide a convenient connection between the existing public transport network and other parts of the district.

The URA has also planned a number of public spaces that will be part of the district’s transformation. These public spaces will be designed to encourage social interaction and enhance the overall experience in the area. There will also be a number of leisure and entertainment facilities, such as parks and gardens, a waterfront promenade, and an urban park. These facilities will provide a range of recreational activities and amenities for residents, visitors, and the business community.

The URA’s vision for Jurong Lake District is an ambitious one, and the transformation of the area will take time. However, the URA is confident that the development of the district will bring a whole range of benefits to Singapore, including increased economic activity, job opportunities, and improved quality of life. With its strategic location and comprehensive development plan, the URA’s vision for Jurong Lake District is sure to be a success.